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Trip of a lifetime and pushed me to new limits

I had a great time on the OB course this summer - it really was a trip of a lifetime and pushed me to new limits. I made some amazing friends who I have kept in touch with and have some great memories that will last forever.

My highlights were:

Walking up Snowdon for the sunrise - this was magical

Gorge walking - was so much fun and a totally new experience - I will never forget jumping off a ledge into a deep plunge pool

Rock climbing - it was so exhilarating to do this on a real rock face

Overall I feel more confident about who I am and it opened up my mind to new possibilities and opportunities. I feel more open minded in relation to people from different backgrounds and will take this forward into my life.

I would love to do another course next summer.

Thank you so, so much for supporting me.

I hope you like the photos I have attached - I am currently making an album of my trip,


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