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The Tony Trust Inaugural Explorers' Adventurers Evening: with Benedict Allen and Duncan Falconer

Two enthralling talks by TTT Patrons Benedict Allen and Duncan Falconer took place at The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, in Falmouth (The POLY) during November 2019, in support of The Tony Trust.

The weather was foul, wet and windy, but the audience soon forgot the weather outside and were intrigued by Benedict's and Duncan's adventures.

Two different tales: Benedict's was one of repeating a journey through virgin forest to find an old acquaintance, Korsai, of the Papua New Guinea Yaifo tribe. Benedict had met him in 2006 and had lived with this indigenous group learning about their way of life. Benedict was delighted to find his friend safe and well in an area of still virgin forest.

Benedict, had to be "rescued" by the Daily Mail whilst seriously ill with malaria and dengue fever: Duncan's about one of his trips accompanying a CNN News team into a war zone in Liberia and getting them safely out when the capital Monrovia was besieged by the rebel group LURD which resulted in the deaths of many civilians. The news team was in Liberia to gather copy, and film the news, and Duncan was there to ensure the news team got out safely.

The evening passed quickly and the audience was keen to meet the speakers. Some of Falmouth's many residents are now aware of The Tony Trust and we hope our message spreads and that we will be receiving applications for funding from local young people,who want to go on an outdoor adventure course but can't quite manage to get all the necessary funding together.

The Poly bar

A huge Thank You to Benedict and Duncan for their great generosity in enabling this to happen. They are two of our inspirational Patrons. Look out for coming news of our Polar Explorers' Evening on March 20th 2020 at 7pm same place, The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, (The Poly), Falmouth.

p.s. not only are Benedict and Duncan Explorer/Adventurers but they are also great authors!

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