Jan Lacey 


Retired after being a Sales Director for a large printing company Jan lives in Somerset with her husband and two flatcoated retrievers.

Jan loves being outdoors whether walking with the dogs, running, cycling, ski-ing or gardening. 

She is well travelled having visited almost half the countries in the world, her favourites are Italy, Argentina and New Zealand.

Michele Damer Profile Pic.jpeg

Michèle Damer


Since starting her family in 1967 Michèle has held administrative, organisational positions, and trusteeships in charitable and civic organisations in UK and Germany. Many of these organisations were focussed on aspects of young peoples' lives and activities.


Outdoors is best! Most stimulating and challenging, young people gain confidence and a wide range of skills, both social and practical, when venturing out and engaging with the natural world.

Greg Profile.jpeg

Greg Englefield


Greg is our fundraiser, he is a lawyer who has worked in the UK and the Middle East for almost 30 years, and currently manages a law firm working with a range of clients from around the world.  Greg first met Tony in the mid 1980s. He has been a member of a number of expeditions to Greenland, Iceland as well as in Europe since leaving school, and has travelled extensively in the Middle East and Asia.  He has worked with young people encouraging learning in the outdoors over many years. 


Tamara Stubbs


Tamara is Tony's niece, an avid traveller who freelances in the world of documentary films as a sound recordist, drone operator and photographer. Brought up in an army family, the outdoors always played a big part in her childhood, plus having an aunt and uncle with an outdoor activity centre meant that she and her siblings were lucky enough to go every year. 

As a bit of a 'round peg in a square hole' type of person, she has first hand experience of the benefits of outward bound courses for building confidence and complementing hands on skills, problem solving, and team work.

Garth Profile Pic.jpg

Garth Wilkinson


Garth is treasurer and secretary to The Tony Trust.  His professional background is in business consultancy and he is director of a manufacturing company based in London.  He has always been drawn to outdoor adventures, and met Tony Rawlingson Plant’s son Matt whilst on expedition in Chile in 2000.  Twelve years later, whilst walking in the lake district together, Matt offered Garth the opportunity to become a trustee and help found The Tony Trust.  Today Garth and his family enjoy the outdoors together, both on day trips and longer expeditions.